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ASP ear needles




200 Gold ASP

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  80 Gold ASP

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  200 Stainless Steel ASP

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  80 Stainless Steel ASP

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  80 Titanium ASP

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ASP (1)


Other Devices

Piezo Pen


  Piezo Pen

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Sedatelec® Pressure Feeler

Pressure Feeler

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These Battlefield acupuncture Books are different than the book written by my friend Elie Goldschmidt. Our books are a clinical step-by-step manual on how to do the Battlefield Acupuncture Protocol and successfully incorporate it into your practice. These books are only intended for licensed acupuncturists who can practice acupuncture in their state by law.


Battlefield Acupuncture


  Battlefield Acupuncture 3.0

$79.99 plus $15.00 shipping


Here are two pages from the Battlefield Acupuncture 3.0 Book.



We use 100 pound semi-gloss paper. This is a heavy paper that will last for many, many years to come. This book  is a clinical manual that shows you how to do the Battlefield Acupuncture Protocol the correct way.  We use many clear and colorful pictures that show you an easy step-by-step method to perform the Battlefield Acupuncture Protocol.


Along with each book I have included a Clinical Pearl (Pearls in the advanced book). In the Basic Battlefield Acupuncture Book I have included a DVD of The Best Headache Protocol. You can watch the video on this website under Clinical Pearls. WHAT the DVD has is three large clear pages on where to find the “N” point and the three other points.


Advanced Battlefield Acupuncture


  Beyond Battlefield Acupuncture

$79.99 plus $15.00 shipping 


Here are two pages directly from the Advanced Battlefield Acupuncture Book.




Just like the basic book we use 100 pound semi-gloss paper. This step-by-step clinical manual will last for many years. You will not find this information in any other book! In the Advanced Battlefield Acupuncture Book we also use large clear and colorful pictures. It is obvious that the patient on page 39 has back pain (look at his right ear). His pain is due to a herniated disk at L2.  These techniques and protocols are some of the strongest forms of pain reduction acupuncture you will ever find.


In the Advanced Battlefield Acupuncture Book I have included a CD with Clinical Pearls on the uses and treatment with a Piezo Pen. I have written and published all of these articles; you can find a few videos on Piezo Pen in the Clinical Pearls section on this website.