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John Howard, L.Ac, Dipl. Ac.

John has diverse experience in Eastern Medicine as well as the Western medical field, acquired over the past 20 years.  His acupuncture training was with the Maryland Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Before joining the US Navy John was a laboratory technician. He then continued his study in advanced laboratory medicine while he was in the Navy.


John standing up facing the camera in blue lab coat


John was a Navy Corpsman (Combat Field Medic) for 6 years. He served within the US Navy and the US Marine Corps. (John trained with the US Army and completed the Army’s 18D training course, Delta Force).  John was retired from active duty (as a disabled vet) due to injuries he sustained in the course of serving his country. John said, “It was an honor to serve my country. 

John’s path next led him to George Washington University Hospital where he worked as an physician assistant. While there John taught classes at the medical school as an Assistant Adjunct Professor of Emergency Medicine including a course taken by fourth year medical students in minor surgical techniques.

John went on to train in acupuncture.  Since graduating and setting up his acupuncture practice, John has helped many patients, bringing their lives back into a healthy balance.  John specializes in the treatment of sports-related injuries, pain including but not limited to complex syndromes, arthritis, headaches/migraines and neck, shoulder and/or back pain.   

In 2008 John started to teach the Battlefield Acupuncture Protocol. At this time John has done many seminars on Battlefield Acupuncture and has written two books on Battlefield Acupuncture. John is preparing to release his third book titled “Clinical Pearls” in the summer of 2012.


John photographed during Special Ops Training






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