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Nogier Nutrition Book



Paperback Edition


The RAFT: Radial Artery Food Test

By Raphaël Nogier. Translation Eric Serejski 2014
English translation of “L’alimentation personnalisée. Allergies et intolérances alimentaires.”
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This book covers food in a new light and emphasizes the importance of personal sensitivity to the food: each individual is unique, and what is good for one is not necessarily for the other.


A large number of people (15 to 20% of the population) suffers from hypersensitivity to one or more foods. This can lead to symptoms such as fatigue, headache, sleep disturbances, depression or joint pain. We do not always think to connect these symptoms to diet. Indeed, alongside the traditional food allergies whose symptoms occur shortly after ingestion of food, there are delayed allergies that occur several hours or days after food intake. The removal of foods responsible for these ignored allergies then gives amazing therapeutic results with the disappearance of symptoms that may have existed for several years.


The author describes the mechanism of these allergies and offers a simple test that only requires taking the radial pulse to assess the sensitivity of each to a food. It also presents the results of his numerous clinical observations carried out over several years, with specific examples, including gluten intolerance and dairy allergies.


Dr. Raphaël Nogier is the Chairman of the Groupe Lyonnais d’Études Médicales which brings together hundreds of doctors involved in medical research and clinical work. He is the author of several medical books, including books on diet, and is an active representative of this innovative French medicine that considers every patient as unique.

Written by Dr. Raphael Nogier MD

Translated from French to English by Eric Serejski

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