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Acuwear is one more way that I can give back to the men and women who serve our county every day. As a disabled vet myself, I personally know what it’s like to leave the military and return to family and no (very little) money. We are currently talking with our friends at the Wounded Warrior Project to donate 100% of all the profits from our clothing line so they can help those who serve our country every day.


Since 2005 I have personally donated all (but $1,700 dollars) of the money I made from my private practice to organizations that help those with mental illness. In total I have donated over $750,000 dollars of my personal money. It’s a small price that I pay to help others. Some have paid with their lives. 


It’s our plan to launch our t-shirts in the coming weeks. We have plans to design everything from dresses to watches. All the profits will go to our friends at the Wounded Warrior Project. Below is a draft of our first t-shirt. It will have our design on the front, back and on both sides of the shirt. We will carry them in men’s, women’s and children’s sizes. The women’s shirts will also come in V-neck styles too. See photos below.