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Battlefield Acupuncture & Clinical Pearls


We are welcoming a limited number of students into our personal clinic to teach some of the most powerful protocols and techniques! Along with this OPTIONAL class on Friday evening, we are doing a full Saturday and Sunday class on Battlefield Acupuncture. Join us on Friday evening from 5:00 PM till 8:00 PM for some great food and 5 clinical pearls that you can start to use right away when you return to your clinic. 



(December 13th)

You will learn the following Clinical Pearls:

* The snoring protocol

The runners technique

* PTSD / 1 needle Anxiety technique 

* Piezo Pen for rapid pain reduction 

Best Headache Protocol 


Saturday and Sunday

(December 14th and 15th)

Our Saturday and Sunday classes will teach you the basics of Battlefield Acupuncture (BA) and advanced protocols.  Saturday you will learn the history of BA, when it’s appropriate to use, and the outcome you should expect during the didactic portion of the class. During the afternoon clinical portion the technique will be demonstrated on patients. Following patient treatments, you will have the opportunity to practice and perfect the technique so you can start using it at your clinic immediately. Your instructor, John Howard L.Ac, Dipl. Ac. has been using the Battlefield Acupuncture protocol successfully for 7 years and teaching the classes for over 4 years.

On Sunday, come and learn how to think outside the box with the Advanced Battlefield Acupuncture (ABA).  This class builds on the basic Battlefield Acupuncture protocol. You learn what to do if the BA protocol is slow to work or not getting the desired results.  Then you will move on to the Advanced BA protocols that will provide the students with a better understanding on how to treat serious and multi-symptom conditions. Along with advanced techniques you will learn Clinical Pearls and how to incorporate the Piezo Pen into your BA treatments and clinical practice. This segues into other forms of auricular therapy that are being practiced throughout the world including Nogier’s three phase acupuncture system.

Once you have completed the Battlefield Acupuncture Weekend Seminar you will be ready to start using these phenomenal Protocols and Clinical Pearls in your clinic the very next day!

REQUIREMENTS: Licensed Acupuncturists and Medical Acupuncturists

FEE: $390 includes gift bag provided by Lhasa OMS. MOST of the supplies you will need for all the clinical pearls. One large (5 inch) Ear for practice, needles and other clinical supplies (excludes Piezo Pen). A light healthy dinner/snack on Friday evening.
Gaithersburg, MD, Dec 13-15, 2013


Friday, 5:00PM – 8:00PM, John’s Clinic at 811-B Russell Avenue, Gaithersburg, MD

Saturday and Sunday – Registration begins at 8:30AM and classes run from 9:00AM – 5:00PM each day, Holiday Inn Gaithersburg, Potomac Room, 2 Montgomery Village Avenue, Gaithersburg, MD