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Chapel Hill, NC





This is a 1 Day Seminar

Registration Basic Battlefield Acupuncture September 13th, 2019




Point Concepts to understand Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA) theory
Illusions of the Ear and how Illusions influence our thinking and beliefs. Do you really know the correct location of Shenmen?



The history of Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy in the US
Acupuncture was first practiced in the United States in the late 18th century. Auriculotherapy and Moxa was first used/spoking about in the United States in 1784.


Introduction and History of Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA)
BFA was invented by Dr. Richard Niemtzow in 2001. The protocol was born as a result of clinical observations made by Dr. Niemtzow.


Why use BFA?
It works in synergy when combined with your style of acupuncture. The protocol may also be used as a standalone treatment.


What conditions can it treat?
It’s almost universal, but one must know its clinical limitations too.


Is BFA a Root or branch treatment?
Both, BFA uses the Vagus nerve to bring about balance. It has been said that BFA doesn’t tonify or reduce, it balances the entire person.


Point location according to BFA
BFA is based on the work of Dr. Paul Nogier.


Types of Needles used and Why
BFA uses ASP (semi-permanent) needles invented by Dr. Paul Nogier. These needles were designed specifically for treating the ear.


Needle Insertion techniques
You will learn hands on needling techniques in this seminar. By the end of the first day you will be proficient in using ASP needles.


Clinical Cut-Offs and Delayed Response
Knowing when to stop the treatment will prevent further injuries to your patients. Everyone heals at their own pace.


Recognize Side Effects and Results of BFA
One treatment of BFA address multiple pathologies. Results can be seen in seconds in some cases.


Overcoming obstacles when using BFA
The right supplies are crucial to achieving the best results for your patients.


Apply BFA in your clinical practice successfully
You will learn a proficient way to implement BFA into your practice, no matter the style of acupuncture you use.


Successfully implementing auriculotherapy into your practice
We focus on clinically proven techniques along with scientific facts on auriculotherapy.








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