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I ordered your Advanced Battlefield Acupuncture book…

“I ordered your Advanced BA book in late July, just before I went to China to do volunteer medical service. I just wanted to tell you how great both the headache protocol and the Battlefield protocol worked. In the interest of time and convenience (we had a LOT of patients participate) I just used my regular body needles on the points, typically bilateral. I had no ASP needles. It was still so effective! I was surprised at how many of the headache patients responded with at least 90% relief! I even used it on the dentist and M.D. in our group who got an altitude headache the first couple of days. A huge success all around!

Even though I had many strategies for treating headaches prior to learning this, I use your ear points all the time now in my office- amazingly effective every time. Just used them on a pregnant patient with a migraine this morning – she had been suffering for 2 days and her headache was 90% gone within 30 minutes.

It’s always nice to get positive feedback so I just really wanted to thank you for your youtube instructional video and book to help us learn this wonderful technique!”

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