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Battlefield Acupuncture is an Auricular Therapy (Ear acupuncture) protocol that was invented by Dr. Richard Niemtzow MD in 2001. He came up with the name Battlefield Acupuncture for the simple reason that it could be used on the battlefield when it was not advisable or desirable to use Western pain medications such as narcotics. The protocol uses up to 5 specific points on each ear and employs a specific type of auriculotherapy needle. It is used to treat all types of PAIN and results can be felt within minutes of treatment. It was so effective in the military that it was taught to civilians to use for non-military patients. Its popularity has taken off exponentially since its inception.



Course Description: The first day of the seminar is Basic Battlefield Acupuncture, the second day is Advanced Battlefield Acupuncture and Clinical Pearls. Both days are didactic in the morning and then have clinical demonstrations in the afternoon. Advanced Battlefield Acupuncture builds on the Basic protocol. You will learn the history of Battlefield Acupuncture, when to use it, and the outcome you should expect. There is time for discussion, Q&A and case review each day. You will learn how to integrate Battlefield Acupuncture and Clinical Pearl protocols into your practice.


A crucial part of the experience is that students learn the protocol hands on, so by time they return to their clinic on the Monday (after seminar), they are proficient in the technique. Generally, they are excited to start using the protocol right away. They can use it immediately to treat their toughest pain patients. Both Dr. Niemtzow and John Howard have been told on numerous occasions by former students that the seminar experience has rekindled their love of medicine/acupuncture and revitalizes their practice!


Vital to the clinical demonstrations is having volunteers with pain that are treated for free. They are treated by the students under the guidance of the instructor. The more volunteers we have, the better the learning experience for the students. The audience for the Battlefield Acupuncture Seminar is licensed acupuncturists, acupuncture students in their last year of studies, and others that can legally practice acupuncture (e.g., medical doctors with acupuncture privileges).



The program for the seminar is as follows:



DAY 1: Basic Battlefield Acupuncture:



1. Introduction to Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA)
2. Uses and Advantages of BFA
3. ASP Ear Needles
4. Treatment Steps and Procedures
5. BFA Anatomy/Location and Points
6. Post Treatment and Expectations
7. Step by Step Review of the Protocol
8. Study Results
9. Treatment Follow-up and Ear Care
10. Clinical Demonstrations – hands on experience with volunteers



DAY 2: Advanced Battlefield Acupuncture:



1. Review of Basic Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA)
2. Introduction to Advanced BFA
3. Proper use of needles and correct insertion
4. Treatment Steps and Procedures
5. Advanced BFA Anatomy/Location and Points
5. Use of other devices as part of Advanced BFA
6. Apply Advanced BFA in clinical practice successfully
7. Contraindications and Outcome of Advanced BFA
8. Clinical Demonstrations – hands on experience with volunteers