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Battlefield Acupuncture – CEU verified – Grants Credentials




Location: Arizona School of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine 2856 East Fort Lowell Road Tucson, AZ, 85716United States(map)



Battlefield Acupuncture CEUs:


NCCAOM Provider #871 – 16 PDAs

California Provider #1115 – 16 CEs

Florida CE Broker #50-33202 – 16 CEs

Texas Medical Board CAE’s – 16 CEUs



All Course Supplies are Provided by Lhasa OMS

Cost of the 2-day seminar $425.00

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What is Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA)?


BFA is an ear (auricular) acupuncture protocol that was developed by Dr Richard C. Niemtzow in 2001. Niemtzow is a retired Air Force colonel and one of the first full-time physician acupuncturists in the Armed Forces.


He originally conceived the technique as a way to deliver rapid pain relief through the ear. BFA is a quick and efficient treatment both on the battlefield as well in a clinical setting. This technique is growing in popularity in both military and civilian medical settings internationally.


BFA uses semi-permanent ASP® needles that activate points on the ear to influence pain processes in the central nervous system. According to Dr Niemtzow, pain relief can be immediate and conservatively last up to a few days. BFA has also be used to successfully treat both anxiety and insomnia.


BFA was recognized in 2019 as a solution to fight the opioid crisis by the Association of American Medical Colleges. The protocol was also featured in the documentary Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare.


Below is a short video of BFA in the US Military


The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare in 2012. In this excerpt you can see the insertion of ASP® needles at 4.26:







Get Credentialed in BFA:


We are the only civilian group with credentialing authority for battlefield acupuncture. Along with the military, we also have the ability to credential VA, and Indian Health Services employees. The DOD has granted our organization authority to provide credentialing letters to those taking our BFA course. Upon completion of the training course each student will take their letter back to their facility. Present this letter to your credentialing office, and once approved you will be granted BFA privileges to use in a clinical setting only on Government property.


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Who Can Attend:

Those who have acupuncture in their scope of practices, along with medical personal who are employed at the following: VA hospitals, US military and Indian Health Services.