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What is Battlefield Acupuncture (BFA)?


BFA is an auricular acupuncture Algorithm/protocol (auriculotherapy) that employs French Auricular Semi-Permanent (ASP®) needles in very specific points / zones on the ear that follows a prescribed sequence.



Invented by Richard Niemtzow, M.D., an Air Force physician, in 2001. BFA uses up to 5 gold ASP® needles in each ear in a back-and-forth sequence. It requires the Patient to walk for 30 seconds between needles or move the body for one to two minutes between needles if walking is not an option.



Some of the conditions BFA are used for including but not limited too



PAIN! For both acute and chronic pain conditions

Ambulatory Care/Emergency Room Treatment

Acute Sprains/Strains

Back, Neck, Ankle, Arm, Leg Pains

Migraine Headaches

Pre-OP* treatment and/or Post OP pain

Battlefield pain or when narcotics are not available, tolerated, or desired