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Credentialing Authority


Our authority to provide Credentialing letters for BFA privileges



In 2015 we were granted Credentialing authority by the Department of Defense (via a letter). These Credentialing letters are issued to practitioners who are employed by the following:  The DoD/VA system, Indian Health Service (IHS) and NATO force nations. Once these letters are submitted and approved, the practitioner will be granted privileges to provide BFA in a clinical setting.


These letters are only provided to those who are currently working at any of the above facilities. We will also provide Credentialing letters for anybody who is in the process of being hired by one of the above agencies.


Please keep in mind that our Credentialing authority is only intended for those who work in those agencies and not a substitute for formal acupuncture training.


Having a Credentialing letter from us does not grant you the authority to practice acupuncture. You must have acupuncture in your scope of practice or be directed by one of the above agencies to provide BFA in a clinical setting.


Since 2015 we have a 100% success for our student obtaining BFA privileges. Since that time, we have trained well over 1000 medical professionals in those agencies. These numbers reflect all branches of the US Armed Services including the U.S Coast Guard, VA clinics and hospitals, IHS and NATO force nations.