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Lyon, France

4th and 5th March 2023 in Lyon – France


Highlights of Lyon France | An Amazing French City - YouTube



To sign up for this seminar contact Florence Dath at the number below

Contact Florence Dath by phone: +33 6 59 83 23 75



This is a two-day live in person seminar.


Syllabus Day-1 


Importance and future of BFA – US government and civilian points of view.

Integration in pain management.

Past and ongoing research

The main devise – The semi-permanent needle

Point locations and basic algorithmic protocol.

Advanced Techniques 1: Pairing and Clustering

Clinical Conditions 1: Orthopedics – Theory and practice

Clinical Conditions 2: Headaches – Theory and practice

Clinical Conditions 3: Review of cases




Advanced Techniques 2: Point finders

Clinical Conditions 4: Endogenous Pain – Theory and practice

Integration: BFA, pain management, body acupuncture

Advanced Techniques 3: (a) Stages of Disease; (b) Blood types

Clinical Conditions 4: PTSD – Theory and practice

Clinical Conditions 5: Neuropathy and insomnia – Theory and practice

Clinical Conditions 6: Review of cases – Questions and Answer